Succes Key

This is a comment that we did for reading workshop.

I chose to press the success key because if you want to get into good colleges, sometimes high schools look back on OAA to determine if you are smart enough to go to school there. That is what motivates me to give 110% and try the best I can on tests. What ever you get on these tests will follow you for the rest of your life. It can determine if you go to a good college, if you get a good job, if you will make enough money to pay bills and such.

I do good on these test by strategies that my teacher, Mr.McGuire, taught me such as going back in the passage and finding answers. If you don’t look back in the passage and check over your work after you are done, you don’t get a good grade… simple as that.

Those two boys don’t care and aren’t thinking ahead of what this test will mean. If they think they can get done in an hour and not check their work, they are just doing themselves harm and will not be the best that they could be. If they goof off on this one test, it makes it easier to goof off on the next test, and the next one and the one after that, until it becomes something important. Then these boys will find themselves unable to pass high school. If they fail that, they stay in high school while every one else goes ahead in life. Usually, these are the kids that drop out of high school and say that they are being home-schooled, when really, they have gotten so far behind in their school work, and they can’t catch up. These people are usually the ones that have to do things that they really don’t want to do in order to get by in life, like stealing or drugs.

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Letter To Mr.McGuire

This is an assignment we had to do for Reading Workshop to tell about how our book is strange,different,unexpected or weird .

Dear Mr.McGuire                                                                                      3/16/12

The book I am reading is On The Run Chasing The Falconers. The author of this book is Gordon Korman.This book is and action and adventure.  In this book the are two kids Meg and Aiden falconer. There parents have been put away for a crime that the kids and agent Harris believe they did not commit. The crime is betraying the U.S.A by giving  information to terrorists. Meg and Aiden are then sent to Department of Juvenile Corrections. This Department is called Sunnydale farm. This is a horrible place it is basicly a prison that is downgraded and holds Juveniles.

One Thing that happens in this book that is weird is the falconers don’t belong at Sunnydale. They don’t belong there because it is a place for kids who have done something and broken the law.  The falcons children have done nothing wrong only there parents have(we are not even sure they have).

Another strange thing that happens is that out of no were this guy comes out and he is an assassin. He comes out while they are in this house of Frank Lindenauer the one person that can prove their parents innocents. They go to the house to find this picture of him. They go there with another person who broke out of Sunnydale with them. His name is Miguel. Then the assassin believes Miguel is Aidan and he shoots Miguel. After that the falcons tell a bystander to call an ambulance. Then the falconer kids then run into the woods and they are on the run again. What I don’t get is who wants them dead.


Austin Bogard

Letter to Mr. McGuire

Dear Mr.  McGuire                                                                                                                   3/2/12

This is an assignment that  we had to do for reading workshop

My book is Skeleton Creek the Cross Bones by Patrick Carman  this book is very exiting because  this book comes with videos and then you get to watch all the very suspenseful and spooky parts.

I would recommend this book to you because it is a mystery, a scary and suspenseful book.

There are four books in this series the first is Skeleton Creek. The second is Ghost in the Machine. The third Skeleton Creek book is the Crossbones. The fourth book is the Raven. I am on the Cross Bones.

In this book the main character  is Ryan and his friend Sarah. They live in a dead end town called Skeleton Creek which used to be a mining town.  The town is very mysterious, weird and secretive. There was even a secret society called the cross bones.

Ryan’s dad used to be part of this secret society and he has a tattoo that proved it because they have this symbol and it is this birdie type symbol (that is what Ryan calls it)

After the mystery at the dredge was solved Sarah and her family moved to Boston Massachusetts.  After moving there Sarah and Ryan found the clues on this paper that had locations all over the country there are 4 or 5 locations I am not really sure yet.  To get to these locations Sarah begged her parents to let her go to this movie making camp in L.A. What she did not tell her parents is that on the way she would stop at haunted locations and find clues that the Apostle left behind.

The Apostle is this guy who was a member of the crossbones and he got killed by being drowned. He left clues about a secret of the crossbones that Sarah and Ryan are trying to figure out.

The Hunger Games series

This is a comment we had to do for reading workshop.

My favourite series was the hunger games. I like this series because it is an adventure and action book. This book is about this girl Katniss Everdeen. In the ruins of north America is the setting. There  used to be 13 districts and they went to war with the capitol and lost. So now 2 kids from every district a boy and a girl from the ages of 12 to 18 have to compete with every kid from the other districts to the death. They compete in the arena, this the place were they fight the arena changes every year (so they never know what to expect). They last person in the arena to live is the winner and then they live in the victor village every district has there own victor village. After they have became a victor thy never have to go in the hunger games again. Katniss’s sister was chosen for the hunger games but then Katniss volunteered for her.

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skeleton creek

The book skeleton creek is by Patrick Carman. In this book the main character  is Ryan and maybe this girl Sarah. They live in a dead end town called skeleton creek which used to be a mining town.  The town is very mysterious and weird Ryan and Sarah came close to the truth and Ryan almost die.

There are videos that go with the book that you have to unlock with codes that are in the book. These videos are a this link

This is a good book about a mystery that is a the dredge which is what they used to mine gold silver. But it got shut down  when the company got sued.  But before it got shut down this man old Joe bush who was an engineer at the dredge got his leg  stuck in the gears and was pulled down in the water and he drowned.  He came back that night and has been haunting the dredge ever since .

Jim Jones

This is a comment we had to do for Reading Workshop

The assembly taught me that being kind,responsibility, and ever thing is your fault whether it is good or bad it is how you are. The assembly was cool he did really cool tricks and my friend Jordan won a basketball for showing leadership by helping this one kid get into line (Here is his blog    One of my favourite tricks is when he put a pen in this kids mouth side ways and then spun a basket ball on it.

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What I want to do with my life is…

These are pictures of what I what to have and do with my life.

Go to collegehave a job as a search and rescue man/pilot  

I want to have a  farm

I what to have a family.

I would like to have a black one

This is the car I want after I have a house,a job,and a family. A ford 1967 mustang Shelby gt500

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