Gradfriends letter

This is a letter to our grandparents witch we had to make in reading work shop.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa Bogard,

In language arts we are making a letter to grandfriends. My favorite thing about you grandma is you make really good sugar cookies. You also buy me cool stuff. I also love the family reunion that you have.

You are very funny and fun. I love spending the night at your house too. My favorite thing to do at your house is blackjack. Even though I lose most of the time. You know I still think you cheat. I think you cheat because you always get the good card and I get the bad or how you will get 21 magically 3 times in a row

The best time I remember at your house is when my second cousins came over like Lexi and Abby. We played tag and hide and go seek. Then played Wii until we had to go to sleep.

Thank you for always being there for me. For being a really good grandmother. Also thank you for reading my letter for grandfriends day. I love you very much.


Austin Bogard


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