The Revealer’s

In Reading Workshop  we are reading a book called The Revealers.  In order to understand this post a little better you may want to go to this link The Revealers.

In this book, there are three main characters, Russell, Elliot, and Catalina and they stand up to bullying .  There are two main bullies, Riche and Bethany. Riche is the bully who started picking on  Russell in the beginning of  6th grade. Elliot is picked on by everybody who feels like being a bully that day. Catalina is the new person from the Phillipines and she is constantly being harassed by Bethany.

Catalina and Russell used the school website called KidNet and posted a summary about her life, hoping that people would stop making up lies about her. I felt this was a mistake and I would not post my  personal information on that website because it could just make things worse instead of better. I think that posting personal information like that is an open invitation and it usually hurts someones feelings or reputation. 

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