My dogs

I have two dog’s Casey and Oliver Casey is a Yellow lab and Oliver is an Australian shepherd. Casey is older than me he is 12 years old  and was born Jan. 1, 1999 and Oliver was born in  May 2011.  Casey is a good dog and Oliver is a puppy we are still training.

Casey is just a all around good dog he is loyal {even if he is a little old}. He is just one of those dogs who are just the best dogs in the world. When Casey was younger he did good things and bad things. One of the good things is he would protect me,my sister,and my mom and dad. One of the bad things is we had him go to a farm for a little bit and he killed a sheep. So when we move out to our new house we are a little worried that he will kill the live stock but he is probably to old to do that now.

Oliver  is a little of a trouble maker if he gets a hold of any paper he shreds it to pieces. He is also guard dog he can be mean if something gives any thereat to me or any one in my family. He still has to be trained a little more until he is as good a dog as Casey but he will  learn. Oliver is bigger than this in this  picture but that is what he looked like when we first got him.


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