skeleton creek

The book skeleton creek is by Patrick Carman. In this book the main character  is Ryan and maybe this girl Sarah. They live in a dead end town called skeleton creek which used to be a mining town.  The town is very mysterious and weird Ryan and Sarah came close to the truth and Ryan almost die.

There are videos that go with the book that you have to unlock with codes that are in the book. These videos are a this link

This is a good book about a mystery that is a the dredge which is what they used to mine gold silver. But it got shut down  when the company got sued.  But before it got shut down this man old Joe bush who was an engineer at the dredge got his leg  stuck in the gears and was pulled down in the water and he drowned.  He came back that night and has been haunting the dredge ever since .


Jim Jones

This is a comment we had to do for Reading Workshop

The assembly taught me that being kind,responsibility, and ever thing is your fault whether it is good or bad it is how you are. The assembly was cool he did really cool tricks and my friend Jordan won a basketball for showing leadership by helping this one kid get into line (Here is his blog    One of my favourite tricks is when he put a pen in this kids mouth side ways and then spun a basket ball on it.

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What I want to do with my life is…

These are pictures of what I what to have and do with my life.

Go to collegehave a job as a search and rescue man/pilot  

I want to have a  farm

I what to have a family.

I would like to have a black one

This is the car I want after I have a house,a job,and a family. A ford 1967 mustang Shelby gt500

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My talent

My talent  is I am good at making people laugh. I do stupid  things and I always try to make a bad thing become a good thing. I do this by looking at the good side of things. I think that every now and then everyone  needs a good laugh.

I make people laugh by telling stories,making jokes and doing silly things.   I do really silly things most of the time. I also make jokes  about bad things and turn them into good things.

I can become a comedian and impact the world by making people laugh. Like I said everyone needs a good laugh now and then.