What I want to do with my life is…

These are pictures of what I what to have and do with my life.

Go to collegehave a job as a search and rescue man/pilot  

I want to have a  farm

I what to have a family.

I would like to have a black one

This is the car I want after I have a house,a job,and a family. A ford 1967 mustang Shelby gt500

images from http://havealoan.com/loan-ecb-loans-stabilize-market-dont-provide-much-stimulus/,http://redbricksproperties.com/f











My talent

My talent  is I am good at making people laugh. I do stupid  things and I always try to make a bad thing become a good thing. I do this by looking at the good side of things. I think that every now and then everyone  needs a good laugh.

I make people laugh by telling stories,making jokes and doing silly things.   I do really silly things most of the time. I also make jokes  about bad things and turn them into good things.

I can become a comedian and impact the world by making people laugh. Like I said everyone needs a good laugh now and then.