Letter to Mr. McGuire

Dear Mr.  McGuire                                                                                                                   3/2/12

This is an assignment that  we had to do for reading workshop

My book is Skeleton Creek the Cross Bones by Patrick Carman  this book is very exiting because  this book comes with videos and then you get to watch all the very suspenseful and spooky parts.

I would recommend this book to you because it is a mystery, a scary and suspenseful book.

There are four books in this series the first is Skeleton Creek. The second is Ghost in the Machine. The third Skeleton Creek book is the Crossbones. The fourth book is the Raven. I am on the Cross Bones.

In this book the main character  is Ryan and his friend Sarah. They live in a dead end town called Skeleton Creek which used to be a mining town.  The town is very mysterious, weird and secretive. There was even a secret society called the cross bones.

Ryan’s dad used to be part of this secret society and he has a tattoo that proved it because they have this symbol and it is this birdie type symbol (that is what Ryan calls it)

After the mystery at the dredge was solved Sarah and her family moved to Boston Massachusetts.  After moving there Sarah and Ryan found the clues on this paper that had locations all over the country there are 4 or 5 locations I am not really sure yet.  To get to these locations Sarah begged her parents to let her go to this movie making camp in L.A. What she did not tell her parents is that on the way she would stop at haunted locations and find clues that the Apostle left behind.

The Apostle is this guy who was a member of the crossbones and he got killed by being drowned. He left clues about a secret of the crossbones that Sarah and Ryan are trying to figure out.


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