Letter To Mr.McGuire

This is an assignment we had to do for Reading Workshop to tell about how our book is strange,different,unexpected or weird .

Dear Mr.McGuire                                                                                      3/16/12

The book I am reading is On The Run Chasing The Falconers. The author of this book is Gordon Korman.This book is and action and adventure.  In this book the are two kids Meg and Aiden falconer. There parents have been put away for a crime that the kids and agent Harris believe they did not commit. The crime is betraying the U.S.A by giving  information to terrorists. Meg and Aiden are then sent to Department of Juvenile Corrections. This Department is called Sunnydale farm. This is a horrible place it is basicly a prison that is downgraded and holds Juveniles.

One Thing that happens in this book that is weird is the falconers don’t belong at Sunnydale. They don’t belong there because it is a place for kids who have done something and broken the law.  The falcons children have done nothing wrong only there parents have(we are not even sure they have).

Another strange thing that happens is that out of no were this guy comes out and he is an assassin. He comes out while they are in this house of Frank Lindenauer the one person that can prove their parents innocents. They go to the house to find this picture of him. They go there with another person who broke out of Sunnydale with them. His name is Miguel. Then the assassin believes Miguel is Aidan and he shoots Miguel. After that the falcons tell a bystander to call an ambulance. Then the falconer kids then run into the woods and they are on the run again. What I don’t get is who wants them dead.


Austin Bogard


One thought on “Letter To Mr.McGuire

  1. Mr. McGuire says:

    I like how problems just keep popping up in this series. I am glad you are enjoying it.

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